Seven Freight

Freight forwarding and transport (by road, sea, air)

Activities based on ISO 28000

We minimize the risk of incidents related to the safety system in order to seamlessly guarantee timely deliveries and, at the same time, protect people, goods, infrastructure, and the environment.

The Reporting System has been awarded the title of the Leader of Innovation.

It is our proprietary system implemented so far in several enterprises in the country, a connection of telematics and support of the assigned provider does not only allow constant tracking of the transport progress, but also predict the whole scenario at each stage of the process.

Just in Time for production lines of Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini

We are a part of that management model of our partners. We have elaborated methods that enable efficient implementation of deliveries within predefined time. We are also the authors of plans for emergency deliveries that eliminate the threat of stopping the production lines.

Charity – We Care About the Young

We regularly support wards of the Foundation by providing educational equipment required for their development, financing additional language lessons, and co-organizing holidays.

Cargo insurance – up to 110% of cargo value

We fully insure the cargo thanks to knowledge concerning numerous issues related to CMR and the Traffic Right (SDR, value declaration, exclusions, transport vs. forwarding, clauses of special interest).

We meet all the requirements of the Reliable Company programme.

We are a company that is professional and involved in TLS market. We believe that we are a part of the success of our Employees, Customers, and Subcontractors. We are characterized by clear rules, stability, and responsibility.

Lean services – Our employees hale 2nd level Kaizen Coach qualifications – Lean Management in non-production environment

Our efficiency results from reduction of waste, i.e. all the unnecessary processes in the company, as well as from the maximum adjustment to the market situation and the best use of all possible resources we have.
Our goal - Core business

Our goal is to deliver optimum and safe transport solutions for our customers. The greatest share of our activities is related to organization of critical transports and transports within limited time, directly to the production line and airport terminals, executed with dedicated transport vehicles of loading capacity up to 1400 kg, and organization of express shipping of single pallets of cargo in consolidation with other goods, which enables lower costs of delivery. Another product is PTL (part truck load) – standard added load with the possibility of double manning – quick implementation of the order for a relatively low price. A complementation of the offer is constituted by FTL (full truck load) sea, air, and road freight forwarding. The solutions we provide are optimized individually. We ensure contact to one dedicated Freight Forwarder, which allows establishment of convenient conditions of cooperation. We guarantee 24h supervision over the implemented order (the title of the „Leader of Innovation” for the proprietary reporting system), while thanks to the extended network of connections, the time needed for acceptance of the order for implementation is only several dozen minutes from the conclusion of the order arrangement.


We are focused on partnership - with everyone. Clear terms and conditions of cooperation, stability, responsibility - we believe that we are a part of the success of our Employees, Customers, and Subcontractors. We are a company that is professional and involved in the TSL market. We think that transport does not have to be a dull experience full of obstacles. We also believe that business is mainly about people. That is why we employ and cooperate with reliable people, they are the source of our strength and encouragement.